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Mindy Becker


 Coaching Director/Officer- Mindy founded Outlaw All-Stars in 2000 and has been the head coach of the program for 11 years. During this tenure she has led her team to many National Titles, ranking #1 in the nation at US Finals 2010 and as a coach leading our I5 team to Cheerleading Worlds 2011. In addition to her all-star experience, Mindy is the Varsity Coach at Starpoint Central in Lockport, NY and has led the team to victories and titles as ECIC Champions for Section VI. She has coached for NWAA and Wheatfield Town Cheerleading programs and is also experienced and respected as a Local, Regional and National judge.  Mindy holds certifications in USASF for Stunts, Tosses and Tumbling and is also AACCA, NCA, First Aid, CPR and AED Certified. Mindy lives in Sanborn, NY with her husband Bob. She has 3 children, Sean, Nicole and Heather.



Jarran Shockley


 All-Star Creative Director/Choreographer - Jarran Shockley is originally from Keyser, WV. He has been cheering for 15 years, with combined experience in Pop Warner, High School and All-Star levels 4 & 5. Some of the highlights of his cheering career include cheering for Pittsburgh Superstars and competing at Worlds three times. For the past 5 years Jarran has been on NCA staff and is currently an NCA Head Instructor. Jarran is an expert choreographer and an outstanding coach who led the Outlaw I5 team to worlds this past season.

Favorite Quote - There is no glory in practice, Without practice, there is no glory! 


Nicole Becker


Coach -Nicole has been Cheerleading for 14 years and has been a member of the Outlaws since the team has started. She recently graduated with a bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University at Buffalo where she cheered for the UB Bulls for 3 years. UB has placed in the top 10 in the large coed-1a cheer division at the NCA college nationals for the last 3 years. Nicole has also earned many national championships with the Outlaws. This past year she attended The Cheerleading Worlds with our i5 International Coed team. Nicole has also been a NCA staff member for the last 5 years. She was an assistant coach at Starpoint Varsity from 2007-2010. Nicole is AACCA, CPR, First-aid, and AED certified. She also has local, regional, and national judging experience.

Her passion for coaching stems from a desire to keep the Outlaw tradition alive and well, giving others the same opportunities she has been blessed with.

Favorite Quote: No matter how hard life seems. Have faith in your dreams


Heather Becker


Kari Colgrove

Lexi Ziegler


Sarah Stanley


Stephanie McDonald


Tracy Walinski

-25+ years cheerleading experience

-15+ years coaching experience- middle school, high school and all-star

-Former Buffalo Jill and Buffalo Destroyer Cheerleader

-Former Jr. Jills and Jr. Bombshell Coach

-First Aid, AED and CPR Certified.

-Certified All Star Competition Judge

-AACCA Safety Certified


Whitney Williams